About Us

POP! is a site launched during the summer of 2014 by The News Reporter and teenagers in Columbus County. The goal of the site is to share local news and content written for teens by teens. Our writers are encouraged to create content in the following categories:

News Features sponsored by Southeastern Community College

Featured News


Reviews (books, movies, music, events)

College Corner (written by college students for high school students)

On the Top (lists such as “Best Songs of the Summer”)


Galleries (Photos & Videos)

App Reviews

We also accept content from organizations hosting events for our target audience.

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Get Involved

If you are a student at any of the following Columbus County schools and you want to contribute to POP!, please approach the appropriate instructor at your school.

CCCA – Alisha Alston
ECHS – LaTanya Pattillo
WCHS – Shellie Britt
WHS – Nikki Walker

If you have content suggestions, requests for coverage or submissions, please contact Laura Worthington.


To learn more about our advertising opportunities, please call (910) 642-4104 and press 1 for the advertising department.