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Published On February 11, 2016 | By Kelly Jones | Featured, News presented by SCC, SCHS

After reading and studyinMacelan McPhersong “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” and an excerpt  from Le Mort e d’Arthur  as a county- wide PBL for English IV, I was assigned to create a coat of arms or shield using my creativity–selecting colors and symbols that represented details about me. On my coat of arms, I used gold and black as my colors, a tiger as my animal, and tiger fur as my symbol.  I used gold to symbolize respect and understanding because in my family it is very important to understand each other and to respect our elders.  I used a tiger to represent the fierceness and danger of my family if someone threatens one of us. The tiger shows that my family will protect each other, and I used the tiger fur to show my family’ dignity. My coat of arms was a combination of really personal and family specific details.

Macelan McPherson



Devin Stevens

For my shield, I chose four colors: red to represent service to country, blue to represent strength and loyalty, yellow to represent respect, and white to represent wisdom.  I think each color is a reflection of me because some of my family members served in the armed forces. We are strong and loyal to family, friends, and country.  We respect each other and the rights of other people, and my elders are wise. I chose the eagle to symbolize a man of action in high and important matters which describes me perfectly. The eagle is also a Christian symbol representing salvation, redemption, and resurrection. The eagle is a reflection of my moral code in both of its symbolic meanings. My shield reflects me and my personal values.


Devin Stevens

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